Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What price warm legs

We're now into day two of unrelenting grey skies which means I can't show you the hat I made with the latest Twisted Fiber Art club yarn, or the second weaving project, or anything else yarny I forgot to take pictures of on a sunny day.  So instead, I am going to tell you about warm legs.

After running out to see Bob the other morning I came home to find a present in the mailbox, and since I was hepped up on decaf coffee by then I took pictures right away:


The little present unfolds into this:

It's a pair of organic wool legwarmers I bought from Woolen Moss at Etsy.  I must say I like the seam that runs down the length of them the best - gives me some choice about where I want that vertical line to go.

Finding the legwarmers in the mailbox reminded me of the boots I'd impulse purchased that morning, which - let's be frank - laugh at the legwarmers as only spaceboots can:

These things really do look awful don't they.  Cute soles though!

If only the soles showed from the front.

On the upside:
they are warm
they are waterproof
they weigh practically nothing
they won't show salt stains like every other boot I own
my orthotic insoles fit inside
so do my superthick handknit wool/mohair socks
and I live in Canada and winter is coming.


they don't look too too horrible when you pair them with a pair of slouchy merino legwarmers. 

And that's me for today.  Have a wonderful day even if it doesn't have weird looking moonboots in it!


Aussie Maria said...

I love the boots!!

Mary Keenan said...

Thank you so much Aussie Maria! They are growing on me now too... though I'm not sure I want to rush the super cold weather to wear them ;^)