Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ten Things: Easter edition

Easter, spring, bright cheery colours, sunshine (this morning, at least), my cute sheep tape measure forgotten beside my keyboard - so many simple little things leading me to stop and be glad I am alive today.

Some bigger things:

1. Not craving the chocolate I am not having today, because I have such unbelievable willpower (ha: try, cavities I don't want to make worse before I have time to get them filled. next year I am SO not booking my dental checkup for the week before Easter.)

2. Receiving a non-edible bunny to mark the day.

His name is Edgar and he is settling in just fine as you can see (you'll hear more about the yarn, the April offering from this spring's Biscotte club, a bit later.)  Edgar is sitting on the desk in front of me as I type, supporting my chin with his head.  He is very soft and warm.  I love him already.

3. The cover of a magazine I keep not putting away.


I love, LOVE, the red stripey teapot in this picture. And the robin's egg blue chair.  Actually in another new-to-me magazine  I keep stopping at a picture of a robin's egg blue Aga oven in a white and red kitchen.  I could drink in these colours forever.

4. My new ugly sandals.  After I bought them Pete and I had a very serious discussion about whether they could look even uglier if I put handknit socks in them.  Today I tested:

I vote Yes. and also, Yum.  Because the sandals are squishy-comfy in their orthoticky way and the socks are warm and what more does a girl want on a chilly spring day?  (answer: a nap.  I am resisting.)

5. My new pretty sandals.

It would be almost worth knitting some of those socks with the big toe separated out just to see whether it's possible for them to become ugly.

6. Thinking about ugliness and beauty and how they differ for everyone; possibly somebody looking at these pictures is saying Ew where I am saying Oooooo, and vice versa.

7. The curly ends of the Sugared Violets shawl I wore to church today:

I ended up not pinning out the shawl at all, realizing it was just going to to what it wanted anyway.  I put it into water with Soak, forgot about it for half an hour, blotted it in a towel, laid it out on blocking mats, and came back a couple of days later to see whether it was dry.  I take no credit for the result, whether you are thinking Ew or Oooo, but I will say it was very soft around my neck.  And Easter-y!

8. Hot Cross Buns.  Oh MAN, the hot cross buns.

9. Living close to three great bakeries, one of which makes the best hot cross buns ever.

10. Knowing that this is just a few months away:

I bet that view will look even cuter with a new dock stretching invitingly out into the water, don't you?

(well, maybe not.  in fact, the dock might ruin the effect, but it will get me and the canoe out into the lake, so I will live with it.)

Here's hoping you have lots to be happy about today too!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

The socks and sandals are wonderful- and the *ugly* sandals look pretty gorgeous to me (in part because I'm wearing similar ones right now...). Oh, and the socks are not too shabby either.
I love the shawl with the curly end- it looks perfect!