Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eye candy for yarn people

This came in the mail on Thursday:

Yarn spaghetti!

No silly, it's the latest installment of Stoddart Family Farm's woolshare program. It's still my much-loved Romney/Mohair blend but instead of the sock or boot weights I can't live without, it's bulky yarn with a looser twist and so soft you can't believe it.  I know I couldn't.

Seriously: mohair can be supersoft.

And soooooo pretty.

I love how it looks like a waterfall, don't you?  Except for not being water colours, unless you're looking at a waterfall downhill from a copper mine.

Not sure what to make with this yet; Silvia suggests mittens, which would certainly maximize the potential for touching this All. The. Time. but also a hat, and we all know how I feel about hats.  Plus this is such a pretty colour for wearing on your head!

* * * * * *

In aid of dock-placement-marking I went to and back from the cottage yesterday.

Knitting Digression

(is that possible in a blog about knitting?)

In about 4.5 hours of driving time (I looked out the window some of the time, too pretty not to) I managed to knit a sockette up to almost the toe decreases, but then I realized I had cast on too few stitches for the top of the foot AGAIN, and had to rip back and then got a few rows back onto the foot.  So I would estimate that each sockette is going to take me about 6 hours, which is unfair because I need about 4 pairs and that is, what, 48 hours of knitting time?  GAH.  More on that later.

Serenity Time

The cottage: it is


I really wish it were possible to bottle real-life scent and then share it online because ooooooomigosh, you cannot believe the way it smells up there in the forest by the lake.  Step out of the car and breathe in and the stress floats off.

(replaced only by the distress of knowing you can't stay because hello the water isn't hooked up and the toilet doesn't work and OH MY GOODNESS does an unheated cottage stay cold after a cold night.  Seriously, my hands were numb after five minutes of trying to measure the sofa for a slipcover.)

There is no beauty like the beauty of a forested lake in the Canadian Shield area of Ontario, and when your neighbours pull up the same time as you do that is pretty nice too.  I am loaded up with tips on how to adapt to this new world of cottage curating, like: there is no shame, and way fewer bug bites, in letting the dock guys put the dock in and take it out every year.  And oddly, watch for people's fishing rods when you head to any of the bonfire events because you so don't want to find a fishhook in your pants.  Not a problem I had anticipated in my long list of Mice? Damp? Rot? Water Supply?

But really, am I likely to go to a bonfire?  Would I not just while away my evenings knitting or spinning or weaving or sewing the slipcover of doom?

Or will I just park myself on the new dock for the duration, looking at this?

So many possibilities.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend celebrating whatever you might be celebrating at this special time of new beginnings!

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Trish said...

Just drinking in that view, Mary. Wow!