Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just in time for summer: hat edition

I finished my new pink hat last night!  I'm not sure whether or not it's a success, but I'll try to get pictures of it today and maybe you can weigh in tomorrow. 

(in promising news, the sun is shining here today.  lately any picture I take has looked like it was aged for instagram, thanks to the grey.  which I love - the grey I mean - but not so much for picture-taking purposes.)

Meanwhile, I've been worrying a bit about the summer hat situation. 

A few years back I figured out that I could save a lot of sunscreening time by just covering up, staying in the shade, skipping errands during peak sun hours, etc.  (In case you were looking for clues as to my opinion on beach holidays and sunning generally, there are a few in that sentence there.)

A good hat is essential to this effort but the best hats are the ones you can scrunch up and stuff in your bag, and the hat I loved for this purpose - the hat I found by accident in a department store a few years back, a perfect shade of grey in a linen/cotton blend, which looked lovely on and off and scrunched beautifully oh I could cry - has had its biscuit and eaten it, leaving crumbs all over its brim.

I need a new hat.

And this seems to be the best of what I've found, 'best' referring to the top entry in the minority that don't just look weird on me.  See all that venting on the top?  That's one of the features that puts this cotton knit hat (ironic) by Parkhurst into their summer line.  Yes: it's black and looks really warm (spoiler: it is) but it's supposed to feel cool, and I'm going to trust that this is so when the temperatures hit 80 (or 28ish, if you are a metric person as I am supposed to be.)

One thing it does offer is scrunchability, except maybe for the hoop that shapes the brim.

And shade.  Whew.  Do you know how many pictures it took to get one that showed a bit of my face?  A lot. 

Now the trick is going to be pulling this thing off like an everyday accessory, not something just for weddings.  Because it really looks like it should be jetted off to London for a big society 'do, don't you think?

Meanwhile, I think I will keep looking.  Or maybe I will take apart the old cotton/linen hat and try to copy the pattern to sew a new one because ohhhh the linen, it is so comfortable.

Have a lovely Wednesday - see you tomorrow with more hats on!


Anonymous said...

what is the name of the Black Parkhurst hat in the picture? I have the same hat and have been looking for another one, but I don't know what it's called: all Parkhust hats have a name.

Mary Keenan said...

You know what, I wasn't able to find any mention of this hat online at the time, either, when I was looking for a better photograph of it to post... I wonder whether it was a limited run exclusive to a few vendors? (mine came from The Bay.) There's no name or SKU number inside mine unfortunately. I hope they didn't do it for just one season as it's a great hat!