Sunday, April 15, 2012

Survey says... what?

Today is grey and rainy, my favourite except when trying to photograph gorgeous new hand-dyed fiber.  It would be my favourite anyway if I had time to spin the gorgeous new hand-dyed fiber, but I seem to be organizing my week instead which is proving to be a Big Job.  It's going to be an unruly one with lots of straw and stuff sticking out at inopportune spots, but at the end of it I'm going to be meeting a friend at a pastry shop coffee so: carrot.

Since I can't show you the pretty things I got from Silvia yesterday, and since I'm organizing everything else in my life today, I want to ask you about

blog content

again.  I know, I just did that, and I hope you don't mind my bringing it up today.  I'm still trying to figure out how to pack the most Hugs into the shiniest new package and an unexpected thought has occurred to me which is...

... what about folding my Procrastination Diary in here?

I've kept my two blogs separate since launching Hugs, which makes less sense now - apart from the most recent post about mouse-wrangling, The Diary has skewed almost entirely crafty for a couple of years, and I know a lot of we knitters sew and draw and decorate and enjoy life generally.  Plus, even when I go a little sew-crazy, I still manage to knit enough to fuel five Hug-worthy posts a week.

Unable to make a decision by myself in the face of so many Ifs and Maybes and not enough caffeine apparently, I'm thinking Survey.

What do you think about the following things showing up here instead of there?

1. The Cottage Project.  This is a biggie, as you can imagine, and all of it pretty much along the lines of home decorating.  There will be sewing - slipcovering, curtaining, pillow-making, tableclothing, and more.  There will also be arty showcasing type things because my uncle is a great collector of vintage everything and he's left some cool things up there.  I have plans for projects that will allow kids to show up for a rainy weekend and still have a good time, too.  And there will some updating of old wool blankets as bedspreads... maybe with needlefelting.  Or sewing.  I just don't know yet.

2. Organizational Aids.  I don't see any more of these on the horizon exactly, but when I come up with a new strategy it usually buys me more crafty time.  So - maybe interesting?  Maybe not?

3. Paper Crafts. I don't scrapbook, but I do decorate with paper in a small way and make my own gift wrap and tags in a much larger one.  Let's face it, we do give away some of what we knit.  Is this something that would appeal to you?

4. Recipes. I only have a few over there, for special family cookies; maybe I should just leave them be, but it would be neater probably to shift them over entirely or post them on my website and link to them from here. H'mmm.

5. Deep Thoughts.  We talked about this last time and it turned out, surprisingly, that those are not entirely uninteresting to people other than me.  I'm guessing they'd be okay here, though realistically: when would I have time, if I'm posting all this other stuff?

Let me know through any channel that suits - e-mail, comment, Ravelry message, smoke signals (though I might not get those, owing to the aforementioned greyness.)  And have a great day, even if you aren't up to your nose hairs in a delightful variety of planning and organizing!

(yes, that was sarcasm; I'd rather watch paint dry, especially if I could drink tea and put my feet up while doing it.  wouldn't you?)


UmmRania said...

I think I would love reading everything in one blog, I never read your other one before seeing it linked today, I dont mind reading about things other than knitting *gasp*

Tink's Tinkerings said...

All the above as you said , most of us crafters are creative people in all areas of our life , we love creating and sharing. We are a bit,,, scattered at times and that just part of being crafty creators. I want to see it all :) Tink

susan said...

I have a friend who, whenever I ask if I should do something, says "Susan, you can't". Susan either thinks "he's right" or "he's wrong". So I think you know best what suits you best :) And, I agree with the two previous comments as well!

Linda said...

I would love to read it all : -)

Anonymous said...

I would Love to READ it all in One place! I sometimes forget about your other blog (sorry). I enjoy reading your posts and having them all in one place is AWESOME!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I want to see anything you want to put here! It's your blog, and you're the Captain.

FWIW- you know the odd things that end up on my blog, and my readers put up with it... We're here for you, no matter what you're writing about!

(also: blend the blogs- great idea)

justmeandtwo said...

I'd LOVE for you to combine the blogs. Sometimes I just don't get time to pop over to the other one and I feel I'm missing some of the fun. I try to get to this one every day or at the very least by the time I'm too stressed to look at my own work any longer. Yes, yes, yes...Please combine them and share it all! :)