Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sugared Pinks, aka my new hat

Here is the hat I just made to wear with my Sugared Violets shawl next fall:

It is very very floppy.  I am experimenting with slouchy shapes and suspect this is slightly more slouch than strictly necessary.  All that extra yarn volume is pretty toasty warm though! and this has been a Very Good Thing the last few days.  The temperature dropped again just long enough to make me feel virtuous for neglecting those summer socklets for this winter hat.  Silver lining: there usually is one.

I think I mentioned a while back that it is very important to knit with new hand-dyed yarn soon after buying it, so that you can determine whether or not you are going to want more.  You never know when a fiber artist will want to try new paths in life.  How I know:

Not only did I get this fabulous layering of sugar-white throughout the yarn, I got these lovely perfect circles for the crown of this hat.  Had I but realized I would have bought even more of Emily's super yummy Viola yarns when I had the chance.  (Fortunately I did buy quite a bit: hello, semisolid sock patterns!)

Speaking of volumes of yarn, lookit what I managed to squeak out of just one skein of sport weight cashmere blend, with a little help from a contrasting skein:

With a very tiny bit to spare... yarn: it really is amazing.

And while we're talking about yarn, in the context of how to handle copious amounts of it, I had some Very Exciting News about something I can pick up at the Knitter's Frolic on Saturday.  I will let you know more about that next week because there will be a dearth of other fun new developments while I'm on jury duty unless the security people decide to let me bring some knitting.

(In case they don't, I'm spending some time today working out calculations and graph paper supplies so I can do some designing from swatches.  The thought of a whole entire week with nothing creative to show for it is just too painful, don't you think?)


Trish said...

Especially a whole week in which you can do nothing but sit!

mom said...

Love the new hat!! Any plans to share the pattern? Good luck w/your week of jury duty!

Mary Keenan said...

I think so mom... gotta do some fine tuning though with a yarn that hasn't been discontinued!