Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weight Management Strategies for Knitters

It keeps coming to my attention - probably because I have a healthcare column on one of my news feeds - that it is really important to eat right and exercise regularly.  Actually what keeps coming to my attention is that Bad Things are going to happen if I don't do a better job on this.

The specifics on what constitutes Bad Things will vary for everybody but for me, my genetic history, my next-up-generation's current situations (aka the portal to my own future), and yet another round of having crippled myself with overdoing it on the walking front (surely I am at least 30 years too young for this???) they are

Bad Enough.

And the terrible truth is - knitting is sedentary.  Even if you can walk while knitting, and I can, you are not going to be going at anything like a good clip.

So today, since I have no knitting to show you owing to a certain pressure to sew things instead, let's look at a few ideas for working a little healthy food and fitness into an average knitting day.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a fitness professional and you should talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness program.  Also, don't eat stuff just because I say it's worth a try, especially if you have an allergy or medical condition.  Not that any of you guys would, but, you know. 

Increase movement during knitting-related activities

Hunt for missing yarn, while flailing arms as much as possible (try 'despair', 'hurray', or 'stop the avalanche flowing down from the top shelf'.)

When yarn rolls away, take it as a sign you should get up and retrieve it, rather than tugging a little harder for each stitch.

Wind yarn from the skein using two chairs as swift, while pacing around said chairs.

Stop knitting every half hour to a/ do some knee bends, b/ stretch, or c/ make a fresh pot of tea.

If c/ do embarrassing dance moves while waiting for water to boil (blushing may burn more calories - stands to reason, doesn't it?)

When taking pictures of finished objects outside, pause for a moment to a/ sweep, b/ rake, or c/ stamp down the lumps of sod the raccoons left up while hunting for whatever raccoons hunt for at 3am outside your window.

If c/, commiserate with other knitters who also live with marauding raccoons.  After all, without them, how would we get in our stamping exercises?

Things to safely consume while knitting

A glass of water every hour or so (bonus: increased racing opportunities as nature calls, hopefully not during a critical cable maneuver)

Banana chips

Small quantities of unsalted nuts


Dried seaweed (or would the crumbs work into the work in progress?)

(philosophical digression: would you get a sea-celly yarn if they did?)

Things to definitely not consume while actually knitting

Melting chocolate (smarties and/or m&ms are okay, except potentially with your hips.)

Orange or grapefruit segments, unless your name is not Mary McClumsyFingers

Handfuls of honey, esp. if your name is Winnie the Pooh

Brussels sprouts (either because you hate them, or want to give the honour and ceremony they deserve; I am in the latter camp.)

Rice cakes (srsly, soooo crumbly.)

Alternatively, you could try what I've been doing lately:

Get all your chores and other stuff done before you sit down to knit in the first place.

(but then you wouldn't have any pictures of a finished shawl or socks to show off.  tradeoffs... always tradeoffs...)


Daisie said...

Thank you x

Trish said...

Alternatively, you could practice the yarn hunt flail while outside at 3am scaring said racoons away. Especially effective with a water hose in hand - ask me how I know...