Friday, April 13, 2012

Bag in a (knitting or otherwise) bag

Today I am technically writing about my genius new inspiration for knitting two socks at the same time, so as to avoid making one different than the other.

Disclaimer: I'm not talking about two socks at the same time on the same needles.  Definitely using different needles here.

Here is the genius, are you ready???  Okay: you slip one bag inside a slightly larger one.

(I know it seems like you're looking at one tall bag behind a shorter one, but trust me, the tall one is inside the short one.)

Then you put one sock inside the small one, and another in the space between it and the larger bag.

That way they're together, and you can reference them against each other, but you don't get the yarns all tangled up.

I'm thrilled with this idea because it justifies the ridiculous number of bags I've bought from tiny happy for stowing my knitting projects, and might even justify more.  Yes, I realize buying more would be totally irresponsible since I can sew and have a great sewing machine, but Melissa has the BEST fabrics! and her embroidery is lovely, and - well, I just love her stuff, it makes me happy. Go figure.

The socklet design itself is coming along better this time - the wider border does seem to sit flat, and the addition of a strap is going to make it much more comfortable to wear my Mary Jane shoes in hot weather...

... because I noticed a bit of abrasion when I tried wearing them with the first, strapless version of the socklet.

In related news: I worked at these during a meeting last night and was, unfortunately, a distraction.  Was it the colours do you think?  Too yummy not to stare at?

Meanwhile, I'm already having some panic about getting on a plane to go to Italy next year because apparently it's never too soon to start that sort of thing.

As always when faced with things I can't control, I reach for something I can control, which seems to be why I'm obsessing over the most compact possible travel wardrobe.  So here is another aspect of bag-in-a-bag thinking, because I really like wearing baggy pinafores these days, and am trying to determine the best possible bag shape so I only have to bring one.  Which I will presumably wear on the plane.

I've been reading a lot about  travel wardrobes as a result.  The overriding theme seems to be, pack less and wash more.  Hello, Soak! I was going to do that anyway.  Even within that theme though: soooo much range.  You've got the fashion fans dictating outfits that will not peg you as a tourist, and the I Hate Ironing fans promoting wrinkle-free fabrics from artificial fibers that are thin enough to dry fast after washing.

(a thought: what do people do when they're not staying more than a night in one place?  MAN those things would have to dry fast.)

All those agonies though, they just seem to start off on the wrong foot.  Literally.  Because as far as I'm concerned a travel wardrobe has to come down to shoes.  You can be warm in a lot of different kinds of cardi or wrap after all, but you gotta have comfortable feet!

In my case: it's the rugged, waterproof Mary Janes.  I'll be packing for about two weeks of wearing those shoes, since apart from my rainboots which are NOT coming, they're the only footwear I've found that don't send me to the chiropractor's office.

And that means leggings with an above-the-knee pinafore, or cropped pants if I can find a pair that aren't too floaty, or leggings with a little skirt - again, above the knee.  And some tops I can rinse out, one cardi that goes with it all, a good lace wrap for dress up/dress down, a woven scarf for variety, and a raincoat that doesn't look frumpy.


And - oooh! that means I have some ideas for stuff to knit next!  How convenient.

Have a great weekend guys - it looks like I really am getting to go to the spinning/weaving/yarny show tomorrow so with luck I'll have some great books to show you on Sunday.  See you then!

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