Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspired wrapping for a knitter

When it comes to gift wrapping, especially of small knitted things, I lean toward brown paper lunchbags.  Sometimes I tie them up like a parcel, and sometimes I punch holes in the top for running a pretty ribbon through, which in turn holds a simple gift tag I made myself.  But lately I've been thinking more about wrapping, not least because of Hello Sandwich

A Brief Detour

Do you know this blog?  It fascinates me for its many photographs of everyday life in Japan but also, the crazy wonderful crafting and wrapping.  I have not bought the Hello Sandwich Giftwrapping Zine, just so you know.  (yet.)

And Back to North America

When you shop a lot online you see some pretty great wrapping ideas via the mail too, I suppose because it's a way for each vendor to offer the human touch missing from the actual shopping experience.  This varies from an ordinary box (big shops) to little prettinesses (small crafty shops) and today I have to tell you about a prettiness both practical and delightful.

Isn't that fabulous, with the bright colourful pins run through the twine knot (the pointy bits secured safely with a plastic cap?)  It came from Alewives.  There is... oh! actually, there isn't fabric inside.  Do you want to see what was inside?  It's not knitting.  The knitting comes later.  This has more to do with sewing.

Yes... in addition to Really Cute Kitchen Ribbon, there seem to be pins in there.  Because last time when there was fabric inside, my Alewives bow came with trimmed with two of the leaf-topped pins.  Ahem.

And Now: The Knitting Part

You may be wondering what possible use two pins, however pretty, might have beyond prompting an impulse purchase of more pins, but trust me, I have used those two leaf-topped pins both constantly and exclusively in my sewing ever since.  They sit in an eggcup at my desk with my seam ripper and the two new pins, making them convenient for such exercises as...

... checking gauge for a new project. Heh heh heh.

Have a marvelous weekend if I don't see you!  I'm kicking mine off with a walk and a coffee + pastry with a friend, and then there's the new project to wrangle, so clearly it will be a perfect one here.  Yay!

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