Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kathi doesn't need a loom, and other stories

I was distracted yesterday by emergency mouseproofing, but even a day late I couldn't resist playing a bit more tag since Kathleen Taylor posted some very good questions of her own.  You'll notice which one especially caught my attention, I think...

(in non-mouse news, the summer socklets are coming on a treat.  today is really gotta-do-taxes day but there might be some socklet knitting instead.  only. human.)

Kathi Wants To Know

1. Have you ever been abducted by aliens? Not that I know of, but that could mean anything. 

2. Do you come here (to this blog) for the knitting, or for the paper dolls, or for American Idol Recaps, or for some other reason? Knitting and the Love Of Kathi.

3. What's your favorite spring flower? The little white ones in my garden, the name of which I forget.

4. The Monkees were a much better band than they ever got credit for. Discuss. Is discussion needed? They were awesome!

5. What's your favorite candy?  Chocklit.

6. What other needlework do you do?  Sewing and very bad embroidery.

7. Is Facebook a Tool of the Devil, or The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened?  or maybe just a Tool? (and I don't mean that in a 'productive implement' way.)

8. If you are a knitter or crocheter, what is your favorite yarn? Just one?  ugggghhhhh - probably Stoddart Family Farm romney/mohair blend. 
* * * * *
9. Why should I not buy a loom? Seriously, why not?
a/ Because if you bought a loom you'd have to buy yarn to use with it; you can't just go using the yarn you'd use for knitting or crochet, and even if you could, you don't have enough to go round all those different crafts.

b/ Because anything you could make with a loom, nobody would ever want.  I mean, a firm scarf the wind won't go through?  Placemats colour-coordinated with a special dining room?  A handspun runner as a wedding gift?  Please - you'd get old tomatoes thrown at you. Maybe even a few of the harder unripe ones.

c/ Because learning new skills is boring, and sometimes even hard.  C'mon, it's not like you ever hold the door open for a challenge.  You'd hate it!

d/ Because the only kind of loom you can buy is the size of a room, and not a tiny room either.  Who has space for a loom?

e/ Because looms are super expensive.  Don't believe those stories about the little portable ones that set you back a quarter of the cost of a spinning wheel.  Like I said, looms are the size of a room; the little ones are just imaginary.

f/ Because even if anybody ever bought you a present, it's not like Mother's Day is coming up.  Or your birthday.  Or even Christmas - the next one of those is, what, three years out still?

* * * * *
10. Do we know each other in person? never even talked on the phone, after - what, 15 years?

11. Which place do you like to visit the most? England, just about any part of it.

Okay guys: time to get out the tax papers and start tallying.  I so hope I'm going to run up against proof that I need to start working through my stash instead of buying new yarn... but fortunately, I have a loom coming, and I'm pretty sure that'll help if I do.

Have a nice day, Kathi!  I'm sure there will be no shopping involved...


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