Thursday, April 19, 2012

Citrus socks revisited

Most of my in-house knitting lately has been in the form of escape from out-of-house knitting, ironically to some socks that really, really disappointed me at the very end of the winter.  I refer to my Citrus Socks:

I may have been calling them something else before.  In fact I certainly called them something very nasty at one point. 


This is alpaca boot weight sock yarn, with a bit of nylon thrown in for endurance, which is to say they are for pure luxury.  I'm so used to knitting this particular non-pattern of my own devising, I just went ahead and finished - even grafted - the toe of Sock #1 before trying it on. 

Upon which I discovered I had made the leg too short to ensure there would be enough yarn for the foot (there was, with bags left over) and also the foot too short, since I forgot that alpaca doesn't stretch like wool does.


I was so mad, I started the next sock determined to make both the leg and foot longer.  With a view to ripping the first sock back to the heel flap and making its leg and foot longer.

And now our story resumes

Since the beginning of the misery of the socklets that wouldn't die, I've been slipping into the knitting sofa for a little while at the end of the day to hold the second alpaca sock and pretend it is a comfort bear.  Sometimes I actually knit a bit of it.  Well: the other night, while marveling at the marvels of the original Gidget movie which I somehow missed seeing all these years, I noticed I was getting close to the toe of the second sock. 

Very carefully, as though I might somehow disturb some natural balance by messing up, I counted the rounds from the end of the gusset, and then counted the rounds on Sock #1 from the end of the gusset to where I started to decrease, and then knit an extra two rounds on Sock #2. 

And then I watched Gidget get Moondoggie.  (is it too late to say 'spoiler alert'?)

Then I did the most exciting thing of all:

I pulled out the yarn end I'd run in after the ill-fated grafting of that toe.

(I couldn't actually rip it out because I don't have any needles to put it on till sock #2 is done.)

The whole thing was so encouraging, I even made a start on a third try at the socklets...

.... but they're no alpaca comfort bear.

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