Monday, April 30, 2012

Viola at Knitter's Frolic 2012

Ohhhh, how well I remember finding Emily's first beautiful Viola yarns in the Naked Sheep booth at the Knitter's Frolic a few years ago, or maybe just two of them?  I love Emily anyway, because she helped me choose the yarn for the original Lucky Scarf which started out a lot of wonderful things for me, but WHOA does she have a way with yarn-painting.  I was smitten immediately.

And as if dyeing up tons of yarns for a show wasn't enough, she actually did new decor for every booth she had after that first showing, too.  'Viola' spelled out in twigs?  Oh yeah.  'Viola' embroidered in a giant running stitch on a banner?  Yep.  Plus twinkly lights and, this time, a pretty and delicate paper chain running along them. 

What was missing from the Viola booth at this year's Frolic was, oddly:


This would have been weirder if I didn't know that Emily is getting out of the yarn-dyeing business, for now at least.  This Frolic was her next-to-last hurrah, with a big Etsy shop update the following morning that sold out in no time.

That's what happened to the yarn at the Frolic, of course.  Apparently it was like crazypantsland for the first couple of hours of the show, lineups everywhere, people scoring whatever skeins they could reach.  By the time I arrived around noon, there were huge bare spots, and still quite a few people milling.  I didn't quite have to defend my choices from the fingers of other Viola fans, but I was aware I might have to, heh.

This one came into my arms first.

Orchard.  That was a big draw for me, the names Emily chose for her yarns.  SO evocative.

This was another early choice:

Mars, in merino/cashmere/nylon, worsted weight.

Also worsted (its shelf was fullest):


which seemed to go nicely with

Walrus.  (Why didn't I get two of those I wonder?)

Then I fell for


and also


And then I stopped, even though there were more irresistible things, because I realized I was just finding it really hard to let go of Viola-isms and that other people who came late to the show needed to have a chance too.

Still, a pretty good Last Call.   And something to tide me over while I wait to see whatever really creative thing Emily comes up with next!

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