Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chicken Heart and some holiday boogie woogie

An odd bit of trivia that came out of listening to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is that Chicken Heart was real.

Yep, 'Chicken Heart'.  Maybe I was just sheltered, but when I was a kid listening to Bill Cosby's Wonderfulness, lying on the carpet in front of the stereo set my dad had built (the actual record-playing part had the same footprint as a loveseat, and the matching speakers on either side the same as a set of rather large end tables - to say music dominated our family life would be literal) I assumed he was making up everything about those stories in his jokes.

But there it was in the audiobook - a reference to the real-life chicken heart on which was based the Lights Out radio show presentation of Chicken Heart (click on track #9, at the right of the page) which, as I knew in spite of its not being mentioned there, later led to Bill Cosby smearing the floor with Jello so the Chicken Heart would slip on it before it could eat him.

Naturally, this discovery sent me to YouTube.

It is truly amazing what people will upload.  And also: how many phrases I still use daily without realizing they came from listening to Bill Cosby.

In only partially related news (the link being listening to Henrietta Lacks), I mentioned I finished my Holiday Boogie Woogie socks, right?  Still haven't grafted the toes shut yet, of course, but miracles can't always happen.

Leslie was so right about this being the most fun colourway to knit.  I am pretty sure I don't have enough left over to do much more than a palm on a pair of fingerless gloves, but I have enough of the other colours in stripes from other Vesper colourways to piece something together if I'm willing to put in the work (we'll see.)

I am especially in love with the cute green heel I got on this sock.

Possibly somebody is going to wonder about the safety pins so I'll just mention that I use them to help me make both socks match.  The pin closest to the heel marks where I finished the gusset, and one closer to the toe marks 10 rounds short of where the toe should begin.  I use them for the leg, too - first to mark ten rounds short of the heel flap, and then where the flap itself actually begins.

Life: make it easy.  and as fun as possible!  Enjoy your day and I'll see you tomorrow with some yummy new yarn.

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