Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello, 2013

Yesterday I looked back at the resolution I made for 2012 and was surprised to find it wasn't Knit A Pair of Twined Mittens, which is something I've aspired to for ages and finally did, twice.  Nope: it was Make 30 Christmas Gifts Before June. 

Three guesses on how that went.

I usually try to set a craft goal for my resolution.  I think resolutions are a good thing overall, but I don't set them with the calendar year: I set them whenever I see the need for change or improvement or even a little tweaking, on a daily basis if that's what the situation calls for.  I have lots of lists to help me remember things I feel I need to do, and I make planners for the coming months, so I'm sure not to miss anything important but boring. 


The best lists are also the hardest to make - the ones that look back at everything you've achieved in a fixed period of time.  Most of us are inclined to catch what we didn't do, and it takes time to remember all the good things we did.  So worth doing, though.

Back to the craft goal thing: this year, I want to learn to crochet. 

For some reason I've never been able to grasp the concept, though my mum did manage to coach me through a very small square one afternoon about three years ago, and Trish taught me how to do a slip knot recently (I know, I know) so I probably have the basics now.

I'm not sure whether I'll start today but just in case I'm inspired, I did dig out those three plastic crochet hooks that belonged to Aunt Paula.  Also, I got the link to the tutorial for a cushion I've been admiring with some intensity every time I read Attic24 (and it doesn't help that Lucy is actually HOLDING it in the picture that has stood beside each post title all year.) 

You know what?  I kind of wish I'd done my 2012 resolution, because I missed giving handknit gifts this year.  The woven ones were nice, though I could do without the pressure weaving another year, but there is something so cosy about carting knitting around everywhere and knocking off a new project every few days.

So... if I were going to add some additional craft goals, they would include:

1/ knitting whatever I want whenever I want even if I think I won't use it, because maybe it will be a perfect gift come Christmastime or a birthday

2/ knitting more socks (because that's achievable) and

3/ making a crocheted flower cushion (because it would look so cute on the sofa)

Do you set goals on New Year's Day, or just enjoy the start of a fresh new January?


Renik said...

So I'll wait for this flower cusion to see if it's that cusion I'm thinkng of. :) Happy New Year!

Trish said...

I'm on learning crochet!