Thursday, January 17, 2013

For the love of stripey knitting

In spite of getting a little crochet crazy, I've been busy with knitting all week:

I am so, so in love with the colours in the latest club yarn from Knitterly Things, I just can't stop working on these socks.  I knit straight through a movie on Sunday night, and through Wartime Farm on Monday night, and through a program on the health importance of getting up and moving every hour (but that would mean taking a break from knitting, so um, no?) on Tuesday night, and another movie last night.

(just looking up all those links, it occurs to me my tastes are a bit varied.)

But in between all those knittings two other things happened.  One was, I thought about how awesome this yarn would look in a glove where I could gaze upon it all the time.

That's probably because I watched Coraline again a couple of weeks ago.  Have you seen how her tiny wee stripey gloves were knit? (they turn up at about the 1:10 mark, if not.)

The other was, a friend who has been to Italy said that while I am there I must dine al fresco.

Naturally, these two events combined into Must Knit Fingerless Gloves.  Honestly, sometimes I can see the wheels turning before they even start, I am so predictable.

At the moment I'm considering Susan Mehringer's Fitted Fingerless Gloves.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could pull off a pair with the leftovers from these socks?  Wouldn't it be even nicer if I finished the socks super soon so I could find out?  Excuse me while I go try.

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