Monday, January 14, 2013

In which knitted gift socks are delivered

I seem to do this thing where I have a bunch of different projects on the go and I pick them up and put them down and take ages to finish any of them.  It's why I need so many sets of needles:

(I couldn't resist, I love these things so much! and they arrived superfast to boot.  Love love love the Needle Emporium.)

Now, as you know, I was supposed to have finished a certain pair of socks about two weeks ago, because hello, small socks don't take that long:

Except when there are distractions like this:

Oh dear.  The colours: they are so fabulous.  And the socks: they are for me.  And I'm just... well, there's no other word for it, GREEDY.  I love new handknit socks, even though I have more than I could wear in a month probably.  Well, say two and a half weeks.

And check this out, which I stumbled over when I shouldn't have been in my little project drawer by my nest on the TV-viewing sofa:

It's, um, more Stoddard yarn.  And needles.  Just begging to be cast on for cold-weather socks.

Le sigh.  I think it's just so sad that something as luxuriously addictive as knitting sometimes requires self-restraint, don't you?  But apparently I do have self-restraint, not that it's something I notice often, because lookit:

I finished the Winter Gift socks.  And just in case they were done so long ago that you forgot about them, here is the matching pair:

Their new owner seems very happy with them.

The second socks' new owner: very relaxed:

In short, I am now a very popular Mary.  And also, a Mary with freed-up knitting time.  Ha!

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