Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seating for knitters who are not me

This morning I had to do a quick driving run before sunup, and while I waited at an intersection a bus drove past, its lit windows spotlighting a neat row of quietly seated passengers: it was, effectively, a moving advertisement for really pretty knit hats.  Almost worth getting out of bed for.

Last week though, an awful thing happened to me because the most direct route from A to B was past The Art Shoppe, with half an hour to spare, and I went inside.

The Art Shoppe is a huge furniture store in Toronto where, technically, if you have to ask what it costs you can't afford it.  Except that everything has a price tag so you don't actually need to ask - plus, they are having a massive sale.  Really I was looking for new dining room chairs (long story, extremely boring) and the store has a huge display of dining furniture in its windows, much of which looks like it would fit very nicely in a small almost square dining room that also serves as living room, library, and craft centre.

I went through the whole place before spotting these chairs, which I want very very much.

'Collette Dining Chairs', from The Art Shoppe
But then I also saw a sofa.  On a return trip just to confirm that the chairs really won't work (drat!) even though I love them because on top of being pretty and compact they are comfortable, I sat in this sofa in the hope that it would be horrible.  But no. It's got down in the seats, folks.

'Kelly Settee' from The Art Shoppe
Also it is twelve inches narrower than my current sofa, because it gave up its arms, which frankly I could live without for twelve more inches of floor space.  But was that enough torment?  Of course not.  The very nice saleslady I spoke with also suggested I look at this sofa.

'Napa Valley Settee' from The Art Shoppe
And... just... whoa.  This one is so, so comfy.  And the same width as the Armless Wonder.  And even more squashy.  I was ready to take my knitting out of my bag right there.

I can't help thinking either of those sofas would look great with this chair, while I'm dreaming:

'Jaden Wing Chair', from The Art Shoppe, in Toronto

But the fact is I can't have any of it.  Gah!  Mostly because my current furniture is not only fine but was recently reupholstered at not insignificant expense.

Still: shopping is nice.  And now I have pictures to torture myself with remember it all by.

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