Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knitting sock yarn into gloves

I just love the look of gloves with the fingertips cut off, but I've never knit more than a thumb because fingers: they look so complicated.  To be honest, even a bit scary.

Now though, I feel sure that neither my wardrobe nor my life can be complete without owning a pair of really nice fingertip-free gloves.  So I am knitting some.

I did say scary, right?  Try getting all those points on an airplane, and I haven't started the fingers yet.  I should probably get the thumb onto some waste yarn or stitch holders, and now that my weekend audiobook has released its grip I can actually go downstairs to forage for same.

I'm not sure this is an entirely good idea, but I seem to be improvising the pattern as I go.  I did start with an actual pattern written by somebody else, and I tried very hard to stick with it, but it turned out everything the pattern said to do was something I wanted not to do.  I'm pretty sure I'm even coming up with a new sort of thumb, in spite of having designed one that made a lot of sense to me a couple of years ago.  Probably that thumb idea will not work out: it's the way thumbs go.

Meanwhile, I quite like the way this one stands out from the rest of the glove, at least when it's in repose, and the shadows are playing on it.

The yarn itself: so spectacular, so out of production.  It's Viola yarn.  And I'm so glad I bought rather a lot of Viola and then never knit it because Emily has such a gift for piecing together colours such that they don't pool or stripe but just look companionable, and it will take me a long time to knit through my stash of her work.

Did I mention it's sock yarn?  Choosing to use it for my hands was kind of torture because I bought it thinking how lovely and restrained it would look as socks - and it would be good if I had at least one pair of lovely yet restrained handknit socks.  But then I told myself I would get to look at the yarn more if it wasn't stuffed into a pair of shoes at a great distance from my admiring gaze, and cheered up about it.

This colourway is one of my most favourites - it's called Orchard and I kind of don't care that I want the gloves for Spring and the colours evoke more in the line of Fall.   I just loooove them.

Okay, enough wistfulness - it's back to work for me.  Have a very, very good day (maybe with an apple in it?) and I'll see you tomorrow!

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