Friday, January 4, 2013

Magical hat: the reveal

The magical hat, designed and knit with yarn I spun myself, came out great:

Soft and warm.  Stays on without hugging my hair into a lump.  Zero itch factor.  I call it a success, even when accompanied by the neck brace-esque matching cowl.

It had to do a couple of jobs, and keeping my head warm was secondary, but in that area: totally excelled.  I gave it a pretty tough test in wind and cold weather so I can say that with confidence.

Here is the hat in action during the test:

You may (or may not) notice that this is not the usual skyline one might expect as a backdrop for a girl who lives in Toronto.  Here is another skyline picture:

You probably can't read the biggest clue there, so I'll give you a closeup:

Yep, I've just been to Chicago.  And back.  In two days, which included daylight (if overcast) sightseeing, so you can figure out I didn't do it in a car.

I got on a plane.

Which is a big deal because it meant addressing a crippling fear of ever getting on one ever again.  I've been working really hard since September to make that happen... and even though I was holding a magical hat during the takeoffs and landings I found I have more work to do.

For now though, let's just celebrate the fact that knitting is a wonderful and very powerful thing, and have a great weekend!


justmeandtwo said...

Wow! You're awesome! Congrats on flying!!! I've been following along with your post, and know you've been working a lot on getting to the point where you can fly overseas. Chicago looks like a good test for you! You did it!!!

The hat and cowl are great, too. I love the shot with your boots. It really does look fantastic as an ensemble. :)

Trish said...

LOVE the hat!