Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

With special greetings from Mr. Skelly:

(he's not mine - I spotted him while I was out walking one afternoon.  Wouldn't I love to have a house with a cedar shake roof and a cosy Juliet balcony??)

By the time Halloween rolls around where I live, you know it is fall.

For one thing, it's dark dark dark in the morning, and for another, kids show up at the door in costumes that cheerfully integrate coats or long underwear.

It's the moment you look around you and think: dang, I could really stand to be wearing that _____ (cowl, pair of handwarmers, hat, etc.) I didn't quite finish.

So I had an idea.  How about we forget those monster masks and glow in the dark bats hanging from the front of your porch - this year, why not open the door with a bowl of candy in one hand and a gruesomely terrifying lump of yarn and needles in the other? 

However you spend the evening, I hope it is a memorable holiday, and I will see you tomorrow (probably much the worse for wear with consumption of surplus candy.)


Trish said...

Of course, then you have to watch out for trick-or-treating knitters who might take your yarn and needles and run, thinking your house was the BEST HOUSE EVER!!

Mary Keenan said...

Oh man Trish, you're right - good think we haven't yet taught all the neighbourhood kids to knit!

Mary Keenan said...

(by which I mean, 'good thing', though obviously thinking was subconsciously involved here.)