Friday, October 25, 2013

SockMonster socks

Okay, this will hopefully be the last post but one (the one with the finished-object pictures) about socks for the SockZombie children I created when I foolishly knit socks for two small, but growing, people last winter.

It turns out it is really, really fortunate that my shift back to round sock needles resulted in socks that are a little narrower through the leg and foot than I like, because I got almost all the way through two more socks - without going as far as toe decreases - before I realized it.

It's also lucky that I had the attention span of a gnat this summer and made tons of progress on an awful lot of things that I then left unfinished.
As a result of these two small peculiarities, I have two sock 'blanks' in the ideal leg size, which just need their feet carried on to the ideal length and then decreased and grafted before they are contributing members of the local sock population.  Actually all I have to do is make sure they fit my foot, and they will fit the SockZombies.  Who will then let me go back about the important work of knitting for myself.  And, um, Christmas.  Yikes.

SockZombie One favours these:

and SockZombie Two agreed to these John Deere-esque socks, though there was some small concern expressed about whether or not the purple is really a boy colour.

Apparently Donny Osmond doesn't have the same traction with the younger set that he did in my youth, but Whatever: wear them at home or for sledding, at least you have handknit socks that fit.

There's probably only six hours left in these things.  What are the odds I can finish them off before the snow flies?

(don't answer that, I'm not sure I want to know.)

Any fortunate rescues come out of your knitting disasters lately?

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