Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving knitting

Once again, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada, which is why I'm posting midafternoon on a weekday with a slice of pumpkin pie at my side.  Life: so awesome.

There isn't time to go up and stay at the cottage on Thanksgiving weekend these days, but there is time to visit for a few hours, which is delightful when you get fabulous weather like we did.  Or even if you don't, as long as you don't mind three hours of in-car knitting.

I started the garter stitch hat I've been dreaming of, but made myself stop here and switch to something else because I couldn't remember how the stripes should work.  Gah!  So hard to resist going on, because the Debbie Bliss Blue Face Leicester yarn I'm using is so bouncy and soft.  I'm really excited about this hat.

The cottage itself offered all the colour I'd had to miss out on though.

We have so many trees there... mostly hemlock, with some cedar and pine and enough other trees that change colour to make a striking display in the fall.

The leaves were past their peak, but still good enough for us.

The inside of the cottage was basically an ice cube carved to look like the inside of the cottage, but outside, a sun patch on the deck made a cosy spot for lunch on the picnic table I insisted was such a good idea to buy last spring, and which went unused all summer long because of the bugs.  In October: no bugs.  Yay!

This is the view from the picnic table, in case you were wondering what's the big deal.

And then there's 'up'.

Our dock was still in, so I wandered down to the lake to take some pictures there.

It was hard to believe we couldn't just jump in and swim, but Pete checked the temperature and said we probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as we did in July.  I decided to let my memories stay fond.

Finally it was time to go... back up the slope from the dock,

Up to the stairs of the deck,

And off again home.  With another three hours of knitting time as consolation.

Hope your weekend was as lovely,  however you spent it!


Erika said...

Your cottage is lovely & has very pretty views , it could easily be in NH! I didn't Realize you lived in Canada, stupid me.

Any suggestions for a newbie knitter on something easy to knit for a few co-workers and types of yarn? I love the striping of Noro but getting frustrated over the $$ and the knots/thin yarn of shredding as I'm knitting it. :( Any thoughts would be great!

Mary Keenan said...

Hi Erika! yes, we lurrrve the cottage, it's so Not The City :^)

For easy knit, possibly unisex, one size fits all pressies I usually default to cowls - if you check out my Free Patterns page on the tab line above, you'll find several options, and there are tons more at Ravelry of course. The best thing about cowls is that practically any soft yarn will do; I like a superwash merino myself, or something with silk - whatever looks pretty in the LYS!