Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday knitting bag

Five things for another Thursday:

1. The travel knitting is back home!

I'm so glad to have this sock over the heel (and onto the foot, as of about ten minutes ago.)  Knitting with square knitting needles again for my fingerless gloves, I am realizing how very much I miss them, and this particular sock is the last one I absolutely have to knit with these very cute but wobbly dpns.

2.  Speaking of the fingerless gloves, I was very sensible about typing up all my notes and plans for them, but I forgot to print them out.  GAH.  I will be remedying that as soon as I can get to my printer, which won't be till after Ray is finished fixing a window on the flight path between here and there.

3. Ray is here making the house look cute again - well, making it look not disheveled and unloved - and he is not alone:

You can imagine all the banging and things-falling-from-above and outdoor music that is going on here today, thanks to the diligent team of roofers Ray brought over.

Rather different from this peaceful picture of exposed wood under trees, which is how I would prefer to think of today once it's over.

4. Blue Rodeo's 'Try' is playing at the moment.

I actually heard them sing this live in a small club in London just a couple of years after it came out (Mary said, dating herself).  That wasn't a peaceful or quiet experience either.  In other news, I love this song.

5. Pete was horrified last night when I showed him this sock I am thinking of finishing for a friend rather than myself.

It wasn't the fact that I would give it away ("You have, what, 20 pairs of these socks now?  You can spare a pair") but the fact that the colour changes are so ugly. 

So I checked with her and she says she doesn't care if the colour changes are ugly, thereby proving her total knit-worthiness, but still, now I'm wondering how much cleaner they are going to look when I get the ends run in. 

What do you think, should I gift these, or a different pair I knit without any colour changes at all?

Housekeeping note:  I'm going to be tied up with a lot of extracurricular things (art show, opera, significant absence of laundry, YAY) so Friday's post might turn up late... like, on Saturday or Sunday, or maybe even Monday.  Thanks in advance for any patience required, and I hope you have a marvelous time with something crafty!

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