Monday, October 28, 2013

Pink stripey socks: knits on the brink

For some reason - possibly unrelated to all the other stuff I've been showing you lately, ahem - I am still working on these socks.

Does this happen to you much - projects that linger and cling and never quite make it into the hibernation zone even though they're not getting finished already?  (to say nothing of things that do stray into hibernation for no good reason at all - but more on that as the week unfolds.)

I love these socks very much, and I love knitting them, and it's quite surprising to me that they are still on my needles.  Also a little frustrating, because I now want these needles for Christmas gift knitting.  Why oh why I didn't buy eight dozen pairs of my favourite square needles before the company switched over to a different metal and unfriendlier tips, I do not know.   False economy, my old nemesis.

Seriously, these needles are practically the only thing that makes me wish time travel was actually possible.  Them, and awesome 1950s kitchen accessories, because Priorities.

Meanwhile: you're reading one seriously motivated knitter, because we had frost the other day and I am pretty sure I saw snowflakes, and these are Stoddart socks (aka wool and mohair and insanely warm.)  And they really aren't going to take that much longer to knit...

especially if I sit down and knit them.

Hope you get to sit down and knit today.  See you tomorrow!

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