Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello March weaving project: welcome to June

Let me tell you, nothing enhances the gorgeousness of a sunny late spring weekend like deciding to finish a big weaving project, inside.

Remember this scarf?  The one I was supposed to finish in March, and that I was making for me until Pete said he liked it and would wear it?  Gah.  While I was working on this thing I wished more than once that the guy wasn't so darned nice, so I could justify keeping it. 

Doesn't matter who's getting it though: it had to get done.  Even though after hours and hours of work it still looked like this on the loom.

Want a closeup on the Still To Do end?

That's what I had left on Sunday morning.  Not a lot, but enough to make me think that weaving is an activity much better suited to cold and dark winter nights.  Especially with a soft breeze from the window and the porch being ever so inviting, yet off-limits, because there's nothing on there for propping up the loom.

Still: I persevered.  And just when I thought this was one of those magical scarves that really is infinity, I got to the end of the roller!

YAY.  Let's take a look at the threads I didn't have to weave, shall we?

I think they might be the most beautiful part of the whole project, I really do.

Of course, all victories lead to new problems, and this scarf knows its history because as soon as I cut the far end off the roller I was reminded that after three months, I have totally forgotten how many threads went into every knot at the other end.

Normally when faced with this question I fake it, but I always get it wrong when I do that and then because I'm a little obsessive I have to untie all the new knots and redo them.  So instead, I decided to count the threads and hope that the number I came up with would be most obviously divisible by six or four, the numbers I usually use for knots.

Answer: 160.  Divisible by both.

Enter Plan B, in which I try something entirely new - but on the porch, because I'm only human:

Unrolling the whole scarf to see what I'd done during the scarf setup.

Answer: six.

Go me!  Then of course I had to tie all the knots at the newly-finished end, and then go back and untie the original knots and retie them closer to the actual woven bit.

Pretty sure it took me an hour, but thankfully I had the ol' audiobook player for company.  I know some people call this thing a phone, but for me, it's all about the books, be they electronic or audio.  Love my iPhone so much.

And now back to the scarf.

Hello giant long and way-overdue scarf!

I wonder how many more months it will take me to get around to trimming your tassels and giving you a bath?  (don't answer that.)

Amazingly I had time this weekend not only to finish this scarf, but also to do a big spring overhaul on the rooms I most hate cleaning, and work on the bizarre stripey glove thing I showed you Friday.  But more on that another day - the glove, I mean, because the less said about cleaning, the better.  Ew.

Hope you had a great weekend too - see you back here tomorrow!

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