Monday, June 23, 2014

Preferred porch knitting

Spring is officially over now that the neighbourhood mosquitoes have come out and started biting, which makes porch knitting a slightly less appealing pastime in the evening with a cup of tea at one's side.  For a couple of weeks there, I was tucking up after supper with tea and an audiobook and putting in an hour or two until the light started to fade and: bliss.

I cast on a pair of socks in that phase, and made some... er, progress.

Even though it's a ribbed sock and those are less mindless and take a bit longer (also, these ones are rather larger than my usual) I seem to have put in rather a lot of time outside after six.

I also knit a lot watching A Bridge Too Far.  Have you seen that lately?  Really, such a good film.  And so much fun spotting all those actors who were big then and went on to be bigger, or not.  There were a few mistakes in the ribbing I had to fix after, though.

This is what the sock will look like from the front and along the top of the foot.

I'm not super sure about that very wide band of knitting in the middle, but Pete says it's good, and he's pretty free about telling me when something looks a/ awful and b/ totally unsuitable for the person I'm knitting for, so I will trust him.  Anyway, it makes it easier to knit, because I've divided the stitches such that I can begin every needle with three knit stitches.


... that much knitting in the middle of ribbing does produce a little frilly bit at the top where I would much prefer it to lie flat.

I don't think anybody else will notice though because Golly... aren't these colours great???

(I'm still knitting on the porch, of course.  Just trying to stick to midday, when the mosquitoes are quieter.)

What's your favourite outdoor knitting these days?


Yvette said...

I've been porch knitrting as well. Love it.

Mary Keenan said...

It's the one thing I miss at the cottage, Yvette - even midday the bugs are pretty active out on the deck ;^)

Ang said...

That yarn is stunningly beautiful, and the ribbing really makes it pop. And bonus, the irregular ribbing pattern is a lot more interesting than plain boring k2-p2 or the like.

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, thank you Ang! Those nice remarks might get me all the way through the second sock leg!!