Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Springtime knitting

Springtime knitting is glorious, isn't it?

Blossoms and blooms and fallen petals as far as the eye can see.  And sometimes they even match the sock you're working on.

Mind you, when I was knitting all those lavender-stripe socks for the Boston trip I could have done with lilacs being out.  For matching purposes.

I love the lilacs at our place - such a riot of flowers.  They're done now, of course, but when they were in bloom the scent drifting into the house was downright heady.

I guess it's good that they don't bloom all summer, so we don't take them for granted, but - yum.

In other springtime news: yesterday I was knitting on the subway and, as so often happens, somebody came over and talked to me about what I was making.  But get this.

She opened with oh!, your knitting matches your purse!!   So, not my imagination.

Once again it was somebody who learned to knit as a child and gave it up soon after, and it makes me wonder whether that sort of history makes somebody even more likely to talk to a random knitter on the subway.  I rarely meet fellow knitters on public transit and if I do, I have to start the conversation myself.  But the non-knitters - they're so happy to be nostalgic, and amazed by the colours in the yarn I'm using, not to mention the fact that it's wool and yet hugely soft.

Anybody else has noticed a pattern in the people who approach us about our knitting?

Meanwhile: writing day today.  Wish me luck!  I'm afraid I was spoiled by last Friday, when I had to make do writing longhand in a coffeeshop for two and a half hours and got home to discover I'd written two chapters and four thousand words.  I mean honestly, 1000 words is a good output for an awful lot of writers, to say nothing of the whole pen and paper thing.  I did have a bit of a finger cramp though so... tradeoffs.

At least it didn't affect my knitting, later.  If today is half as good, it will be a very good day indeed.  See you tomorrow, okay?

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