Friday, June 13, 2014

Yarn resistance is futile

The thing about resisting the purchase of more yarn is that it takes up all the energy you could be using for knitting.  Yes?

Okay... No.  Obviously, the more yarn you have, the more difficult it is to climb across the yarn field to the project you're actually working on.


the princess and the pea

How do you resist great colours?

This is my problem with every single Twisted Fiber Art yarn club.  The thing I love about it is also the thing that scares me: when the club is over, you can buy more yarn in any of the colours you like.  And there are six colours, every time.  I have never, ever not bought more yarn after a club is over.

the frog prince

So after the last club, I decided not to join again for a while.  It's not like I don't have pantloads of yarn and fiber to work with already, and I'm pretty well stocked up on socks and hats and cowls and even scarves, now that I'm weaving them.  It might be nice just to work through the supplies I have and get a little closer to my long-term goal of Major Stash Reduction.

Sadly, for this spring Meg came up with a club inspired by illustrated collections of fairy tales, and one of the the two colour streams was from books published in the 20s and 30s.  I knew the combinations she'd come up with would be too fabulous to miss, and I was right.  I mean honestly, I love all of them.

the big bad wolf

And that's how I cornered myself into buying another five or six skeins of yarn to go with these three braids of roving I probably won't even get a chance to spin until next summer, if then.

On the upside - it's gonna be awesome to work with these colours some day, don't you think? Sigh.

Okay, that's me, going into the weekend with a guilty conscience and some handspun singles to ply.  Helena suggested I could weave with some good-looking, non-barber-pole singles and save a step, but then mentioned that such a plan might not work for a scarf that needs to be hardwearing. And since I live in a place where cold-weather scarves definitely do, I'm gonna ply.

How about you?  Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend!  Take care and I'll see you on Monday.

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