Monday, June 16, 2014

Weaving: let's start the week with pretty

As Mondays go, the summertime ones are usually good.  But let's look at some pictures of a finished scarf just in case.

A finished 3-month scarf.  Yes!

So very glad to be taking glamour shots of this gorgeous thing, made from a skein of fingering-weight merino 'Ember' stripes from Twisted Fiber Art - a colour now apparently discontinued which tells you how long it's been sitting around here - and a skein of cashmere laceweight in 'Seastorm' from the long-gone, much-missed, Viola Yarns.

It came out very long, and because I was distracted by the joy of 'WOW! IT'S FINALLY DONE!' I cut the tassels a little shorter than I probably should have - just 2", instead of the 2.5" I usually default to - but that's okay because after I took all the pictures I showed it to Pete and he said, "For me?" so that's that.  Shorter tassels look less weird with a man's dress coat, is what I'm telling myself.

(I'm also telling myself he will be wearing this with his dress coat, and not just to shovel snow.  I mean: it's part cashmere, and took me three months to finish.   Did I mention the three months part too much yet?)

If it were mine, I would wear it like this.  In fact if Pete ends up only wearing it to shovel snow, I will, because he doesn't do that during the work day and might not notice.

After all, there's no reason this scarf can't be kind of like those mitten triplets where the middle one is designed for holding hands.  Kind of, as in, 'shared by people who like each other, and maybe don't notice when one of them is sneaking off with the other's possessions.'

Meanwhile, closeup?

... and long shot?  I love the way these stripes came out.  Especially now that I can see them off the loom and not have to pass the shuttle back and forth any more.

Here's a random picture of the scarf draped over the moss in the garden, because there is enough moss this year to serve as a backdrop, YAY. 

I started with a couple of three-inch square of moss five or six years ago and it's just filled in like crazypants.  Fingers crossed it survives the renovation next year.

Sorry about that digression.  One last long shot before we go have our nice days, some of us in places where the weather is far too warm to make cashmere scarves remotely appealing in anything but pictures?

Ahhhh, finished scarf.  And it's only halfway through June, so I still have time to do another one for this month (and finish it.)

Hope your Monday is completely wonderful, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.