Monday, June 9, 2014

Raw materials: June Scarf edition

Over the weekend I figured it was a good idea to start on the June scarf, since the whole scarf-a-month thing took a hit from the one I started in March and finished June 1.  It's a tough one this time, because the primary yarn will is a fingering weight... and the secondary yarn hasn't been spun yet.

I've been putting off the spinning part.

Still: it's going to pretty when it's done.  More Twisted Fiber Art club yarn, of course, this time called Tomcat.  I like that it could go to a man or a woman, or to anybody who loves Hallowe'en.

I decided to tear the roving into six this time.  I don't know yet whether I'll do two balls of three-ply yarn or three balls of two-ply.  But either way, each nest of yarn is going to take less time to spin.

It's important to build victories into a really busy time, don't you think?

Writing is eating all of my knitting hours, and I miss the process of turning tempting potential into useful fact.

With yarn, that is.  Because yarn is so much more tangibly delightful than words, and less subjective, and more reliably beautiful.

One down, five to go!  And then I can set up the loom and get a move on.  If this one takes three months like the last one did, it'll be in fine shape for the fall, but it would be nice if I could finish more than one more scarf before September if only because - oh dear, I hate to admit it - I just ordered more yarn.

When will I learn?

(don't answer that.  just go have a good day!)


Anonymous said...

You know, if you're weaving with it, I bet that would be really, really nice spun as singles. (I might have to try that experiment myself, now I mention it. And SOON.)

Mary Keenan said...

hmmmm... this is a very interesting idea, not to mention timesaving...