Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Yarn in the Empire of Indecision

Trish and I joined the indigodragonfly yarn club this year, together - it meant saving on shipping! because obviously a skein of yarn plus a braid of roving showing up at the door every single month is not enough for this knitter.  I refer to myself when I say this, because Trish has exercised admirable self-restraint on the yarn club front and is only doing one instead of three.

Yarn surprise #1 arrived last week:

Yay! it's 50/50 silk and merino, and very pink and purple.  This is not a fiber combo I like to knit with, especially - not enough elasticity in the silk - but I am quite partial to silk tucked neatly around my neck inside a coat and luckily

I have a loom.

So I caked it.

I can't remember now what yarn I was going to use for my July scarf, but I think this is a pretty perfect colour to weave in summertime, don't you?  And I'm super afraid that if I tuck it away for future reference, it will stay tucked for a few years till I get around to making any scarf at all, because that's what happens to all the yarn that goes into the abyss of Tucked Away Neatly.  (and the fact that I have a yarn abyss is why I shouldn't be in any more yarn clubs till I catch up.  if only I would listen to my more practical self, le sigh.)

It will take a while to weave this yarn into scarfland because it's fingering weight, but that's okay if I have a marvelous audiobook to keep me company while I do it.  I'm thinking about getting All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr, because it has amazing reviews and runs a loom-friendly sixteen hours.

But I'm slightly concerned that I won't be able to work with the narrator's voice that long, so... e-book, for reading on my phone?  I love reading books on my phone, because apparently something is terribly wrong with me.

But any book that runs 16 hours when read to you has got to be SUPER long when you read it yourself, and is maybe just too long to sustain interest on a tiny iPhone screen, so... print edition?
Or maybe I should just put off the agony and listen to The Serpent of Venice by Christopher Moore instead.  I should be able to weave a fingering-weight scarf in ten-and-a-half hours, shouldn't I?

Or maybe I should just put off that agony and weave the June scarf.  I mean, it's June 24th, and all I've done is set it up.

New Yarn: it's just never easy, is it?

(hope you have an easy day, and that any new yarn is huggable and friendly and doesn't produce book anxieties!)

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