Friday, June 20, 2014

Weaving a scarf for June

June is getting along now, but so is the scarf I decided to weave for this month:

See?  Loom's all set up.  Set up strangely, because I didn't expect to run out of yarn quite so soon after the middle part, and also I put the heddle thingy in backwards, but set up.

I really need to memorize the technical names for the loom's parts, don't I.

As I mentioned, this scarf is going to be woven with handspun yarn, so I kind of had to get to the plying before I could go any further.

I noticed something special about this stuff right away.  You?

What this shot has got that the others don't is the giveaway.


Hardly any barberpole!  I actually spun the singles so closely to each other, they mostly match up.  I canNOT believe it.  This bodes well, I think.

And looks so pretty on the shuttle thingy.

... almost as pretty as it does on the loom:

ahhh, June scarf: started.  Can't tell you what a relief that is.

Go have a great weekend (and wish me luck for progress on this thing) and I'll see you here again on Monday!

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