Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Knitting: so easy and cheerful

It can be hard for a new knitter to believe, while juggling seven fingers and three thumbs and a pair of sticks with a life of their own, but the rest of us know it's easy and fun to work with yarn and needles.  Evidence:

Yarn called Cheers (from Vesper, the epitome of cheerful.)  I rest my case.

Breaking news:

Last winter I saw a girl in an orange handknit hat and had to have just such a hat for myself, which proves the power of knitting and colour, because now I do have an orange handknit hat.  

But last week?  I saw a hat combo even more unforgettable.  The hat was a slouchy small-gauge knit hat in sort of a grey powder blue.  And the girl wearing it had perfectly matched hair.

Yes.  Grey blue hair and a grey blue soft, slouchy hat.  It suited her down to the ground.

I could not get away with this colour combo but still: the possibilities for purposeful knitting, to match every hair dye colour that appeals!  A different hat setup for every month of winter would probably work better with a wig because ohhh, that much dye is maybe not a great thing for natural hair.  Still. An annual decision and dyeing fest for the full three months of Weather Yuck has got to be pretty accessible for most knitters who want to go that route.

If you dyed your hair to match a hat knit from your dream yarn, what colour would you pick?  I think I'd go for Copper.

And now, back to our top story:

Knitting is easy because you can just pick it up and do it.  If you're bored with one knit, you can put it down and pick up (or cast on) another.  If you're feeling icky, you can pick up a knit that makes you feel better.

What is not easy is figuring out kitchen layouts.  Not cheerful: pricing cabinets.  Bleah!  Of course actually paying for them is the worst of all, but here too, yarn is a comfort.

Look at it this way.  Sometimes you look at a skein of yarn that costs more than $30 and think: that's way too much to spend just to be happy now and have a warm head later.  But when you look at a cabinet that costs $250?  Let me tell you, that's a lot to spend to be reasonably content now and have a place to put a loaf of bread later.

I'm so glad I have the Vesper Club in my life.

And also, that I decided to let the condo be worth less when we list it later because of its non-deluxe, non-shiny, current kitchen.  The relief!  not to mention the knitting time reclaimed!

What's your favourite thing about knitting?


Mimi said...

Yarn that costs $30: How many hours of entertainment/pleasure/education do I get from that yarn? Plus, there is a garment/gift at the end of the process (hopefully.)

And sometimes, if you have to take out rows and rows and knit it again, you might even double your yarn time. :-)

Mary Keenan said...

It is so true! not to mention the ideas you get when you're knitting with that yarn. Already I think I might have come up with a solution for this troublesome kitchen... but I've said that before and been wrong, so who knows ;^)