Monday, August 3, 2015

Knitting and not knitting

Knitting almost always happens when I'm on a long car trip...

but not so much on arrival, I find.  One reason might be that if I'm not watching TV or a movie or talking to friends while I'm knitting, it's harder not to notice that sock yarn is really, REALLY slender.

How on earth do I knit with this stuff?

Mind you, I'm glad to have all my lightweight handknit socks.  Even in summer, because at the cottage, they and my Blundstone boots protect my ankles and toes from blackflies and mosquitoes.

This is no small victory.  Yesterday when I wanted to improvise a stone floor for the area around our clothesline tree thing, there was a breeze and it was midday and it was hot so I just wore shorts and a T with my boots and socks and work gloves.   Suddenly I felt a stab on my lower back and slapped at it, and watched a huge blackfly drop to the deck on its back.  I tried to swat it a second time but it righted itself and crawled away, the little creep.  So far I'm not itching - blackfly bites don't for a day or two, I find, and then kill me for a week - and I'm harbouring hope that I got it before it got me.

Overall though: when the weather is at all swim-friendly, I'm not knitting.  To get into the lake I'm looking at about a 90 minute allowance for getting into my swim gear, and into the lake, and getting out of it again, and peeling off the swim gear in favour of dry clothes, and hanging up the wet stuff. And then another 90 minutes for a nap, because swimming (even the kind that is really just 'bobbing around with a life jacket on') makes me soooo sleepy. And then some more time for having something to eat post-nap, during which I usually notice the weather is still kind of okay for swimming and when can I be sure of getting another chance?

In the evenings it's nice to knit... but for some reason on this holiday I've been reading novels.  Two and a half in the last three days.  Clearly, this doesn't leave a lot of time for yarn and needles.

Maybe a little later in the summer, I'll get a chance to sit out on the yellow chairs under the trees and enjoy the view?  Without being dinner, I mean.  Meanwhile... if the important thing is to be relaxed, I have SO got that covered.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and I'll see you tomorrow!


Barb Fullerton said...

I am curious as to what novels you are reading. Do they have a "knitting" theme?

Mary Keenan said...

You know what Barb, I don't think any of them even have a character in passing who knits! I'm jumping around different genres, looking at the market for books getting very strong reviews. In the last two or three weeks I read Dominick Dunne's 'The Two Mrs. Grenvilles' and 'People Like Us' (liked the first one better, feel grateful not to be affluent in NYC because MAN those characters' lives were dull apart from the murders and tax arrests) and 'Our Souls At Night' and 'Benediction' by Kent Haruf (LOVE what happens to the storytelling when you take out all the quotation marks and quote attribution), 'Natchez Burning' by Greg Iles on the recommendation of a friend (raced through it, the sooner to be finished with the content and writing style) and last night I stayed up late to read 'The Red Notebook' in translation from French by Antoine Laurain (short and charming.)