Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Things were pretty tense there as the (single, solitary, no second in same dye lot) ball of yarn got smaller and the hat didn't get correspondingly closer to the end, but I made it! A whole size large hat out of a skein of Malabrigo!

With enough left over for An Embellishment, which I will take care of today. And if the hat is dry enough from its blocking adventures to photograph, I will post the pattern for both tomorrow. It's a super easy hat, especially now that I've worked out all the brimmy bits, and - just as you'd expect - very, very soft.


Anonymous said...

When I am worried that I won't have enough yarn to finish a project, I find myself knitting faster and faster, as though the project can outrun the yarn...

(Kathi Taylor- for some reason, the page doesn't recognize me)

Karen said...

I do that too, Kathi! What a bunch of freaks we are. :)