Monday, January 25, 2010

At last

Remember the gorgeous blue organic merino I bought from Midnight Sheep and couldn't decide what socks to make with it?

Well, these are the socks I'm making with it! (Ravelry link here.)

Look, look - I've even started to cast on, can you believe it?

I know it is fate to match this yarn to this pattern because to get gauge - okay, jut the fact that I got gauge at all has fate's fingerprints all over it because my tension is so loose I don't always manage it - I had to go down to 2.25mm needles, which is the size I use for my Vesper socks, and therefore the size I have four sets of in KnitPicks' Harmony Wood. So I can do more than one pair at a time, of course.

(Yes, I did have a second pair of socks on the second set of needles, but it was the work of a moment to shift them on to less-likeable 2.25mm sets while they wait.)

Plus - the leg circumference in the pattern is exactly mine, and the number of stitches? exactly what I cast on for the Vespers that fit me.

True, I am feeling a low-grade fear that there won't be quite enough yarn in the ball for socks as long as I'd like, but what the heck. I can always make them shorter or do a striped foot or something, right?


Minding My Own Stitches said...

what a beautiful blue!

Mary Keenan said...

I know - I can't wait to get working with it!!