Friday, January 8, 2010

Cross your fingers

I am seeing my aunt tomorrow, and if I don't have her hat finished by then, it will continue to expand and fill all of next week too. So:

I. Must. Complete. It.


Honestly, it's not a complex stitch at all, and the shaping, while a little different than my usual, hardly weird. Yet even a sheep can knit while watching TV more effectively than I did last night, when I knit two rows and had to rip back at least half of one before I could go on and then made more mistakes and had to repeat the process over about two hours.

(this was still an improvement over yesterday afternoon, when I worked on a shawl and knit three entire rows only to rip back two, over and over for one hour.)

(do you think maybe I'm just too distracted to knit right now?)

Updated several hours later to add:

HA. Done! Ends run in! Blocked!

and now I'm free to... make more mistakes on the shawl.

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