Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A sweater mystery

I spent New Year's Day at the museum

(where you can get the best lunches and desserts! not that this is why I go; it's for intellectual pursuits. Really. Because if I eat enough of the carrot cake with cream cheese icing they serve there I will totally be able to pin down the recipe with my brain. Ha - intellectual!)

seeing, among other things, an exhibition of portraits printed in Vanity Fair over the years.

And what I'd like to know is:

Why did Cary Grant let himself be photographed wearing a crewneck pullover with a consistently placed plethora of pills?

They were soft fuzzy pills, not the attached-by-a-thread kind that are so easy to shave off. And they were everywhere, all over the front and sleeves. I'm not talking about halo here. I'm talking about a halo convention - the kind where halo bits hook up with other halo bits and talk shop in the hallways between sessions.

I think it had to be from washing, unless he had just hugged a tree and the bark didn't want to let go (and who could blame it if so? this is Cary Grant we're talking about!*)

That's mystery number one. Mystery number two is, what kind of yarn does that? Straight mohair?

Anyway this is what I will be pondering today as I reknit my aunt's hat. Again.


A link to the photo. You can zoom in on it, and I thought at one point it was herringbone, but when I zoomed more I could say that - nope, just pills on stocking stitch.

Surely it wasn't 100% acrylic?

*maybe he'd just been fending off the embraces of thousands of fans?


binnie said...

What Cary Grant needed was a fuzz-buster. Incidentally, my favourite prezzie under the tree this year: a fuzz-buster.

Mary Keenan said...

Fuzz-busters rule!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I wonder if this pic is online somewhere. I need to see it.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Is this it???


wow- pill city

Kathleen Taylor said...

Me again- my guess is that it's supposed to be that way. There's too much conformity in the pillage (heh). Maybe it was a textured yarn.

Side note: wow, he was a handsome man

Mary Keenan said...

I couldn't click through on the photobucket link, Kathi, but I found another one and added it to the post! check it out and see what you think.

Kathleen Taylor said...

yep- same pic. Very mysterious. Handsome, but mysterious

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Mmmmm, pills or no pills, he looks just fine to me.

Mary Keenan said...

He makes me want to knit him a non-pilling boyfriend sweater!

Knit Minon said...

I've found that all of my acrylic jumpers look like that after a while. I'm allergic to lanolin so anything I wear has to be non-wooly :-(