Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mail drop

One of my favourite things about ordering stuff online is getting it in the mail. Recently I needed stitch markers with a metal loop and a friend recommended a maker from Etsy, Pennywenny. Perfect! I ordered her largest sizes and cast on almost every project I have wanted to start, knowing I would soon not be running out of stitch markers and having to pace myself.

And this week, they came:

And they came with candy! I am such a sucker for that.

International appeal:

The candies were actually made here in Canada, but packaged up for me in Massachusetts, and routed to Toronto by way of Japan. I don't question the US postal service because I am pretty bad at geography but I am thinking that is an unusually long bad-weather detour. The next morning I sent a US-bound Valentine's swap package a whole week earlier than I intended, just in case.

And now to take a closer look at the cuteness:

Aren't they so sweet? I can't wait to use them - the red ones are totally pairing up with my exciting new blue socks, which should hit the needles this weekend. I just had one one other little something else to finish first...

1 comment:

Karen said...

Rockets! My favourite!
And yes, I love getting stuff in the mail. One of the best parts of being a fibre hound.