Thursday, January 7, 2010

Knitting and Tea and Cookies - the online knitting group

When I was moaning the other day about wanting to be in a knitting group, Angela suggested I try making a virtual one. So yesterday, after putting in one virtuous row on my aunt's hat version 3, I set one up on Ravelry.

The hardest part was thinking of a name, and then deciding on a group logo:

But I guess what I came up with was all right, because more people have joined than I have chairs for at home. And already there's the makings of a Valentine tea (and hopefully chocolate) exchange, heh heh heh - so you definitely need to check it out!

If you're not yet a member of Ravelry and want to join in, we'd love to have you - get yourself registered here and come on over.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I am so there

Unknown said...

Mary, thanks so much for this. I'm so excited about your group. I've never had hot tea (iced tea, but not one of my favorites), but think it would be neat to try it. I just need someone to tell me how to fix it and what to mix with it.