Friday, January 15, 2010

Lions for babies

While pondering the question of knitted presents for a baby

(or do I mean questions - as in, what is machine washable, soft, unisex plus one size fits all, potentially useful from early days to the brink of puberty if only through being passed down to younger siblings, and quick to knit?)

(that last point pretty much omits 'blanket', you will notice, leaving our ponderer in a rather lonely position)

I considered my options from another point of view.

Specifically, what's in the stash?

And I remembered this little number:

Tanis Fiber Art Green Label Aran Weight Superwash Wool.

In 'Amber'. And I have three skeins of it. Doesn't it just scream 'stuffed lion'?

A little digging produced a charming pattern from the Victoria and Albert Museum collection of 1940s knits - a lion called Leo, complete with tiger friend. Ha! Now to find time to knit him - perhaps while pondering why the highly functional brim I've knit onto the latest hat slept through "Hip" and got off the train at 'Frumpy"?

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Unknown said...

Great idea! What a cute lion.