Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hair torn out, then glued back in

This is a radio show post (no pictures, use your imagination) about me and the very small Thing I have been knitting for the past three days.

Scene One:

Waking up with an image of the Thing in my mind, its instructions just waiting to be written down and the project knit.

Scene Two:

Stumbling across a call for submissions that completely matches the description of the Thing. Fate!!

Scene Three:

Transcribing the now two-day-old image to paper and yarn and needles and realizing that while the shape and structure are intact, the stitch sequence has deserted the brain that bred it.

Scene Four:

Frantically searching through stitch books to find reasonable facsimile. Finding same, then transposing it to paper and flipping the instructions so it moves in the opposite direction.

Scene Five:

Knitting and ripping swatch three times before realizing the transposed stitch sequence left out a few critical K2togs.

(this is where the hair starts to come out.)

Scene Six:

Finally getting it right! and then realizing it's horribly wrong on the 6th row, requiring a very big frog fest, bravely executed.

Scene Seven:

Realizing it wasn't wrong at all and the entire thing needs to be reknit.

Scene Eight:

Looking at the finished swatch which is gorgeous. And hoping there's enough left in the swatching yarn to make a full-sized version for myself.

Of course, it can all go wrong again in Scene Nine: blocking. Which is why it's good I have so many hats lying around for the fallout from Scene Ten.

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