Friday, January 22, 2010

Tricks: not just for kids

I learned a couple of new things this week I thought I'd share.

First up: when you're casting on something circular and top-down, the first row of stitches can be super fiddly.

You might have to cast on 6 times just to get them lined up for it, and you might even find yourself waiting even to try for up to two days until just the right level of peaceful silence is scheduled to occur for a minimum of 20 minutes while you sort it out.

Alternatively, you can go down two needle sizes and cast on with that, then distribute your stitches and continue with the size you got gauge with. The stitches are so much more obedient then.


Learn to love swatching.

Really, really love it.

So much that even two hours spent slaving over a new stitch that looks gorgeous and is even pretty fun to execute, but turns out to tighten up the width of the fabric in a way suggestive of a boa constrictor, constitutes close to the best evening of your life.

Alternatively, you can cultivate your Denial skills and pretend that the two hours were actually spent watching TV and learning that a Roman invented the first life jacket (so he could swim across a river at night to start an insurrection, in full armor just in case he got caught by the guys he was going to insurrect against.)

I go with Door Number Two on this one. You?

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