Thursday, January 21, 2010

I see sheep people

The other day somebody said to me MAAAAN, there's a waltz in every movie! which is ridiculous, of course, because nobody puts a waltz into a trench warfare story. Except that every movie I've seen since then has a waltz in it - either people dancing it, or just the music in the background. Try watching for them yourself. It's kinda addictive.

It's the same for me with sheep. Now that I'm knitting again I find sheep everywhere! Even last night, when I was reading The Morville Hours (which is technically the nonfiction story of a woman's journey in planting a garden outside her history-rich Shropshire home) I came across a passage about sheep-shearing.

Apparently, while fleece was the foundation of the medieval economy, a fleece today goes for about 60p! What is that, less than $2 US? I can think of some woolly people who would beat a path to the farm door for a deal like that.

Regardless of the value placed on a sheep's fleece today, of course, they are still tops for keeping grass clipped.

Even my little guy would like to get out to the back yard and have a go.

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