Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bluey love

I spent all morning setting up files for the Mystery KAL, mostly because I slacked off all evening yesterday watching a very Allied-patriotic WWII movie and getting my second Bluey along to the point of heel-turning.

Isn't this colour just a dream? It's organic merino (did I forget to say this before?) dyed in 'Stella Maris' from Midnight Sheep, who I'm pretty sure would be open to dyeing more, even in another yarn, for anybody who loves it as much as I do.

The pattern is Kalajoki (Ravelry link), and it's also a dream, even though I did mess up where the increases and decreases should be and also forgot that the socks are opposites and not actually knit from one chart. I just accepted all errors as intentional and adjusted the second accordingly, because I am such a relaxed person.

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Karen said...

tee hee

Yes, the yarn is lovely...a beautiful shade, and you can almost see the softness.