Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I got my very own Olympics injury yesterday while taking a break from armchair athleticism to investigate whether or not 3-day old Brioche is delicious toasted (yes.) Unfortunately I burned the first test subjects and promptly removed them by hand, rather than opening a nearby drawer for my bamboo toast-removal tongs.


Yeah, I know, you can't even see it, but I sure can feel the blister on the tip of my left index finger. You know, the one I use to push the stitches along one needle and push the point of the other away. Such a nuisance.

Being stoic and driven and stuff, I carried on knitting anyway and have made a lot more progress on the Monkeys:

This is the not-as-far-along sock - the other is almost at the toe now. I'm so excited for spring weather so I can wear these out with my red velvet Mary Janes!

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