Friday, February 5, 2010

A portable knitting pouch

First off, I want to assure you I did work on Carol's shawl again yesterday. Quite a bit really, considering.

But I also sewed a little pouch for a friend who really needed one, inspired in part by my own wish for a pouch I can sling across my body and tuck knitting into.

You know, so I can cart my knitting around in a hands-free manner, and have it right there when I want to sit down with it, and also when I am between stirs of the soup or waiting for the current batch of cookies to finish their turn in the oven, or taking a nice peaceful walk down the street.

My friend's pouch came out pretty well, and seems to fit books and things quite nicely.

Of course, once I'd confirmed that fact I couldn't help testing to see whether it also holds knitting. I tested it with Carol's shawl, and had to pull it up out of the pouch to prove it was even in there.

It worked perfectly. Want to make one too?

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