Monday, February 8, 2010

Much rejoicing

Christmas 2009 is officially over because

I finished Carol's shawl!!!

Yes, it is true. And this is the only picture you're getting because even though it was super sunny yesterday it was also suuuuuper windy, rendering every other attempt to photograph it a vaguely triangular blur.

Now I am free to indulge myself with some Valentining, such as the little heart sachets I sewed all weekend while the shawl dried on its blocking mats - instructions at the link.

(but you know that what I am thinking while I do all that is how sensible it would be to start making things for next Christmas, so as to avoid the mayhem that was the 2009 and 2008 holiday seasons. Because, as I am sure you have noticed after reading even a little of this blog, I am a Very Sensible Girl.)

1 comment:

knitgeekery said...

Yay!! I know that feeling of the Project that Wouldn't good on you for getting it done!