Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Posh shops and posh hats

Yesterday I took the afternoon off to visit some posh shops. To blend in a bit better I wore my lace hat with my long dress coat and, wrapped up like a scarf, the matching shawl.

This opportunity alone justified the outing: I am deeply enthralled by the softness and heat retention of Twisted Fiber Art's Playful yarn, and I've had to give up wearing the combo since the temperatures dropped below 1 degree C. The hat because all those yarn overs let in a lotta wind, and the shawl/scarf because all my other hats clash with it.

So here's the exciting part: I was warm enough.

Okay, so there wasn't any wind to contend with, but still. You can see the possibilities this opens up.

When I got home I set the hat on the counter and had a good look at it, trying to think how I could do it in a non lace stitch:

But what I really saw was this:

And you can guess what I'm going to be resisting this weekend while I sensibly knit some of those socks on the needles.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oho....I think I might just have some of that in my stash, but in Arial rather than Playful. Hmm.