Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knitting group swaps

The knitting group I started on Ravelry has taken off with a lot of crafty members who were game to participate in a special swap for Valentine's Day. We did a group swap of teabags and valentines, and an individual swap with a $10 limit for Something More, and it was a blast.

In the something more category, I sewed a knitting kit for Carole, a deeply satisfying project I wish I had taken more notes on so I could make another.

And Maria, who sent something to me, did a lot of sewing too - only hers was way more ambitious and included ideas I will totally steal for the next swap. I mean, honestly!

If it's not amazing enough that she had mesh fabric and a short zipper in her stash for a little zip case - she had teacup-print fabric too. Enough to make a matching project bag with. Plus luscious bits of yarn I am already plotting uses for and some pattern tamers, which I think have to be the most brilliant knitting aid ever, and not just because I tried following a chart during the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Basically I think I need to go over to Maria's house and learn how to sew with mesh. Swaps: the world's best form of creative education.

And we're planning another one! So if you want to join in, come on over to Knitting and Tea and Cookies and check us out.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

My swap gift was wonderful too- a lovely teacup and chocolate tea, and some sugar free chocolates (which are so good, you forget that they're not bad for you). I have many ideas for our next swap too.